About Us

www.turkeyelectronicvisa.com is a non-governmental online application service for obtaining an e-Visa to enter Turkey. We do not grant visas – we provide an online application form and submit it on your behalf with all the necessary documentation. We charge a processing fee for our services. We use an encryption system to secure your details.

www.turkeyelectronicvisa.com provides assistance to visitors to Turkey who wish to obtain an EVisa authorisation. Our service is designed to ensure that you get the help you need with completing your application, so that it is a stress and hassle free experience. turkeyelectronicvisa.com ensures that you don't encounter any of the difficulties or unnecessary problems you may experience when applying directly with the Turkish Government.

We have a highly trained team of Visa and Immigration specialists who will comprehensively review your application and highlight any potential errors or omissions. If any issues or potential problems with your application are found, we will contact you promptly using email, telephone and SMS Text Messaging to advise you of further action or amendments you must make to your application. Our team is available to offer you whatever help you need, so don't hesitate to contact us at anytime.

www.turkeyelectronicvisa.com provides clients with additional services that are not provided by the official government website. An overview of our additional services is listed in the table below. www.turkeyelectronicvisa.com is not affiliated with any official government organisations.

As we charge your credit card in your own currency for our service, you will have the peace of mind that you know exactly the rate you will pay for this service and could avoid potentially expensive bank charges.

Please be aware that any errors or incorrect information entered on the application form may result in delays and/ or refusal in receiving your EVisa and may result in denial of entry/admission to Turkey. turkeyelectronicvisa.com provides customers with a check and send service, backed up by our experienced team who have many years experience with EVisa processing and providing support for those making applications.

Data protection and privacy

The security and protection of your private information is important to us. Information relating to your application is kept by us for a period of 6 months after which it will be removed. If you would like us to remove your data sooner please contact us to let us know.


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